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The Scotson Technique: Introduction and Overview

Evidence from Linda Scotson’s 10 year’s PhD work and over 3 year’s clinical experience shows that the approach The Scotson Technique has deeply restorative potential for children with brain injuries and brain abnormalities. The therapy is taught to parents who come with their children to the centre, thus enabling them to work as increasingly skilled therapists on the family's return home. The approach uses biophysical and bio-mechanical principals governing the process of normal development. The restoration of normal respiratory mechanics is the foundation of a physical programme designed to reconstruct, repair and reorganise disrupted motor systems and to restore the cerebral metabolism.

The exercise technique has similarities to the varied pressures of breathing but has been refined to suit the purpose of restoring weak body tissue. The result is a groundbreaking therapy strategy that is providing evidence of the potential for reversibility of the complex abnormalities associated with brain injury. It works with all children.

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