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Advance - Cerebral Palsy Treatment News

The Scotson Technique in South Africa

An independant South African charity "Advance Institute for the Scotson Technique" is now offering TST producing excellent, well documented results with children and young people with brain injuries.

Linda and a team of her therapists are in South Africa for 5 weeks, three times a year. There is a resident South African TST therapist and many more therapists will be trained to meet the needs of South African children.

Directors: Linda Scotson and Nattalie Geogio

Benoni, Johannesburg.
The centre is situated in 5 acres of ground and has a large therapy room, parents and childrens room and disabled toilets. Accomodation on site will be available by Spring 2007.

13, Skool Avenue
Marister Agricultural Holdings

Tel: +27(0) 129 910497
Tel: +27(0) 119 650813 (June, November and March only)


The Bradford University Report

This is now available from this site. Click the link below to download it.

Download:  Bradford University Report (760k)


Questions in Parliament

Linda Scotson and TST families represented the charity at a meeting at the House of Commons. They raised the question of government funding for TST families and for for research funds for drug free therapies that have already provided evidence of efficacy as has been done in the case of TST.

There was an encouraging reception which Advance will follow up.


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