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Introductory Visit

Step 1: Book an Introductory Visit

Step 2: The Scotson Technique Booking

Step 1:

If you are interested in The Scotson Technique and Advance you may like to come for an introductory visit to learn more. This does not commit you in any way but will give you an in-depth understanding of the source of your child's problems and why the approach creates deep and permanent change.

During the introductory visit you will learn more about the neuro respiratory and bio-mechanical causes of your child's problems, for example:

How breathing mechanics affects the structure and growth of your child.

What happens when respiratory mechanics are abnormal.

How the effects of poor respiratory mechanics are reflected in your child's body.

The introductory visit is intended to help you by increasing your knowledge of what to expect from Advance once you begin learning the therapy.

The initial consultation lasts approximately 2 hours and costs £80 including the video.

The deposit for the first teaching course is £100. Payment for each of the 4 or 5 visits can be made separately over the year.

Contact us on +44 (0)1342 311137 to arrange a time for your Introductory Visit.

Step 2:

The Scotson Technique Exercises - What to Expect

Your child is fully clothed and comfortably positioned.

The exercise techniques are applied gently and softly, most frequently with a straight relaxed arm, with movement coming from the shoulder blade.

Besides learning your prescribed exercises, your first five days are spent mainly in perfecting your techniques. This is crucial because the quality of delivery of the exercise affects their therapeutic effectiveness.

The exercise movements gently push the air and fluid in the thorax and abdomen against weak muscle tissue. This strengthens the weak membranes, restores electrical activity by restoring blood supply and increases the volume of the thorax and abdomen. Bio-mechanical and metabolic changes, leading to functional change then follows.

Do not worry - everyone learns to be competent at the end of five days.

Who does the exercises?

Plan ahead of your visit.

Because it is easy to make mistakes if you are not correctly taught, anyone providing the exercises for your child must also be trained at Advance.

It is possible for one parent to manage all the exercises without help. But if you have other children at home you may consider the wisdom of introducing extra help.

Families often bring another family member or friends to be taught.

A friend who cannot spend the whole 5 days with us may become a specialist in just one exercise.

You may find someone willing to help from your local church, schools, National Childbirth Trust or even through the local newspapers.

It is most helpful (but not mandatory) to have both parents attend at least the first course so that both understand the nature of the commitment and both learn the exercises even if the main therapist is the mother.

Fathers often work with their children for a while in the evening.

Children can be treated while they sleep.

If your child enjoys music or stories, bring a small cassette player or walkman and tapes with you on your visit. The exercises should be enjoyable.

How much time do I spend on the therapy?

The Scotson Technique seeks to produce a productive balance between rehabilitation work and family life.

1½ - 2½ hours per day six days per week are generally required. The exercise technique will not tire your child.

You will control the speed of the recovery process by the quantity of your exercise applications and your dedication to your prescription.

We will train you as competent Scotson Technique therapists able to complete the work of your child's rehabilitation.

It is helpful to look at the job of restoring your child objectively as his or her professional therapist as well as a loving parent.

How are my child's ongoing changes assessed?

Each visit your child will have a measured evaluation of its trunkal structure and respiratory movements.

Every other visit there will be an in depth qualitative Scotson Technique videoed evaluation.

You will receive a copy of the video and the measurements. This will help you follow the course of the changes that will be steadily bringing your child closer to normal structure and functional ability.


We are committed to help you in every way to ensure you are able to bring about your child's recovery.

If, however, you realise that you consistently cannot put in the hours, we know you will appreciate that you will be taking the place of someone who can. So please think carefully of your commitment over the first year before you elect to join us.

Sometimes, families begin with only one hour per day, gradually increasing as their children become easier to manage. In general as time goes by, less not more therapy is required.

Obviously illness in the family and summer holidays are a different matter.

However, if your child is ill, the best treatment is the exercise application. Increasing respiratory strength increases the immune system and the healing mechanisms.

What do I bring with me when we start therapy?


The most important tool to assist the therapy is towels.

These are folded several times in specific ways and placed on the child's body over the areas that you will be making the exercise applications.

Remember you will be directing the air within the chest and abdomen towards deep areas of muscle tissue. The towels serve to increase the pneumatic capacity of the applications and make it more powerful.

Your towels need to be good quality with long pile to increase their airiness.

You will be provided with a named box to keep your towels in over the week you are with us.

The towel requirements are:-

6 x face cloths (30 x 30 cm)
1 x hand towel (40 x 65cm)
1 x guest towel (30 x 50cm)
1 x bath towel (50 x 92cm) ...approximate sizes.

They should all be fluffy, thick and soft, and the same colour so parents can identify them quickly, with the name of the child on them.

One or two-piece bathing costumes are required for the evaluation.

Forward Planning

The Scotson Technique necessitates considerable organisation and forward planning so that each family's first year schedule is optimum.

At the end of your introductory visit we would ideally like you to be sure you have enough information to decide whether or not to make a booking, so ensure that all key decision making questions have already been answered.

Being part of Advance is 100% productive but it is also enjoyable - you and your child will make many good friends.

We look forward to meeting you.

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