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To Reduce the Waiting List and to Reach more Families

By training and qualifying more Scotson Technique therapists.

Providing teaching videos to help parents learn the basic approach while they are waiting to come to us.

Providing newsletters and a bi-annual magazine to offer broad TST information to an increasingly wider number of families who cannot yet reach us.

Providing more specialist therapy couches to enable us to expand and set-up regional centres.

To finance a minivan to transport our equipment to smaller, regional centres.

To finance the purchase of an adjacent building to extend our teaching facilities.

External Research

A 3-year external study of Advance's work is being undertaken by Bradford University. We anticipate extending the study and with further collaboration from Universities from other European countries and South Africa. Results will be published annually.

Internal Research

The carefully evidenced research underpinning The Scotson Technique and the consistent restorative results already achieved offer the potential for still further therapeutic advances. We anticipate being able to further increase the speed of the development restorative process, even in very seriously affected children.

Family Fund

Advance has a Family Fund to help families who are already with us who may need unexpected financial or other support to continue therapy.

How can you help?

You can help by:

Volunteering to organise house-to-house collections. -
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By taking collection boxes and supervising their safety.
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By organising local street collections.
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By organising collections at the entrance of your local supermarket.
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By holding a sponsored event at your local pub, work place, sports ground, leisure centre, school or church (for example).
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By giving progressive dinner parties (i.e. charging your guests and asking them to give their own progressive dinner parties for Advance).
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By organising a dinner dance at your local hotel.
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Please contact us for information, handouts, stickers, and collecting boxes. [Tel: +44 (0) 1342 311137]

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