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Kathleen's Story

Kathleen is 20 years old. She has been brain injured from 1 year old as a result of a herpes encephalitis. Kathleen can walk, although poorly balanced and very badly coordinated. She has no understandable speech and suffers greatly from grand mal seizures, which occur mostly when she is asleep - whether day or night.

Kathleen began with Advance in August 2002 and has been for two assessments since then (November 2002 and February 2003).

We always felt that Kathleen's poor breathing held the key to lots of her problems, and so the logic behind this new programme excited us. As the programme is so gentle and the patient is so comfortable and well positioned whilst being treated it feels so good, natural and exciting.

Since Kathleen began this programme there has been a very noticeable decrease in seizure frequency. Every night prior to working the Advance programme Kathleen suffered 1-4 seizures every night, even whilst she was having a relaxing doze in the afternoon. It always resulted in at least one seizure - now this rarely happens and there are nights when her sleep is seizure-free.

Kathleen is also much calmer in herself. She had been very hyperactive and there was great difficulty to have her focus on things and events. At present Kathleen appears to be "coming out" into the world. She is just beginning to make sense of the world and people surrounding her. Her eye contact and attention span are much improved and lengthened and all around Kathleen has made many little subtle changes for the better.

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