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These stories are typical examples of children on Scotson Technique Therapy. All the children and young people have brain injuries which have obstructed the course of normal development. These include motor disability, seizures, and in some cases cognitive problems.

It is to be remembered that neither the child's age, the number of years before the treatment, or the casual factors are barriers to the Scotson rehabilitation process.

Benjamin's Story, by his mother [view case history]
Born Oct. 1997, Ben was cute and contented but did little. Diagnosed as spastic quadriplegic just after his first birthday.

Clare's Story, by her mother [view case history]
Born Dec. 1998, Clare is a beautiful personable 5 year old who had meningitis at 11 months and was diagnosed as spastic quadriplegic with feeding problems.

Kathleen's Story, by her mother [view case history]
Now 20 years old, Kathleen was brain injured when a delightful 1 year old, diagnosed severely brain injured, autistic, epileptic with poor balance and co-ordination.

Robert's Story, by his mother [view case history]
Brave little Robert was born in July 1995. Robert was diagnosed as floppy, athetoid with severe learning difficulties.



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